Surrealistic fantasy; bland boring pain (0bituarybrthday) wrote in the_kurt_klub,
Surrealistic fantasy; bland boring pain

New member (new to LJ and new to ...just about every Nirvana community I could dig my claws in to).
Short bio because no one cares and I'm feeling like flooding everyone's friends pages (muahaha). I'm 20, I'm a bitch, I've been in to Nirvana for roughly 11 years, yes back when your gawd was alive. (sorry, can't resist making snide comments at cobainites... it's my way).

On to the real point of this post.
Does anyone else agree that Nirvana's B-sides and other more rare recordings surpass the stuff on the main albums?
I find myself drifting away to generally anything off of the Outcesticide collection or any of the imports/B-sides I've collected more often than listening to Nevermind or In Utero or even Bleach.

Anyone else feel the same way?
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